Maintenance and Construction Services by Nastasi Group, New York City

About Us

Nastasi Maintenance and Construction is a 3rd generation interiors contractor that was founded in 1964. We take great pride in offering our clients impeccable service, favorable pricing, invaluable experience, and quality workmanship. With more than 100 employees, Nastasi can attend to any project, both large and small. Whether it’s a skyscraper in a Metropolis, a retail store in a shopping mall or a residence in suburbia, Nastasi gives every project the attention it deserves. Teaming strong leadership with on-site superintendents, experienced field personnel and a friendly office staff, our organization provides the very best in service and reliability.

When it comes to service, Nastasi is unbeatable. Our staff is made up of individuals with vast experience in the construction industry who believe that no problem is too complicated to solve.

Completing a project on schedule and within budget is everything in construction. However, today’s complex and changing economy can create havoc with these critical issues. At Nastasi, we don’t let obstacles stop us; we break thru them. Nothing stands in the way of getting your project completed on time and within budget. This attitude and performance has allowed us to create a prestigious client base that is decades old.

Nastasi is recognized as one of the industry leaders in its field. By choosing us you will receive the very best in Service, Quality, Experience, and Integrity. We look forward to adding your company to our valued list of clients.


       Our Clients Include: